Sunday 9:30;10:45;6:00. Wednesday 7:00 Corner of M-50 and Carson Highway, Tecumseh, Michigan

City Church

What to Expect when Visiting

We are delighted to have visitors at Grace Bible Church. Here are a few things you can expect to find when you visit:

  • You will encounter a friendly greeting at the door.
  • You will meet someone who will show you where your children will be for nursery, Sunday School, and later Children’s Church. You will also be shown where the adult class meets.
  • You can expect to be greeted, at some point before the preaching begins, by our Pastor.
  • You will encounter the smiling, friendly faces of people genuinely glad to see you.
  • You will be asked your name repeatedly by these people and when you return for another visit your name will be remembered.
  • You will sing from a song book.
  • You will hear music that glorifies God.
  • You will hear preaching from God’s Word.