Sunday 9:30;10:45;6:00. Wednesday 7:00 Corner of M-50 and Carson Highway, Tecumseh, Michigan

City Church

Welcome to Grace Bible Church!

Pastor Lawerence La-Follette

This spring recorded my eighth year as pastor of Grace Bible Church. I can tell you that these years have been years in which we as pastor and people have bonded together in mutual love and commitment to each other. This relationship between us is one in which we are mutually interconnected and dependent upon each other for the support and encouragement each one needs in our world today. I say all of this for the simple reason that it relates directly to you in what you can expect when you open the door of our church, and step inside. You will sense that you are among people who value you, care about you, and can identify with you in life’s struggles. You will be made to feel welcome and wanted. In all ways we will seek to respect you, not smother you, interrogate you, or make you wish you had stayed home. We shall do all that we can to make you feel like it was worth it to get up on Sunday morning and come to church. Also, on the other hand, we want you to know that we are not perfect. We will arrive when we get to heaven. This is just to let you know that you do not have to be perfect when you visit us. We welcome sinners like ourselves. Come and let us embrace you, inviting you to join us in the journey where we shall together love Christ and each other. Come and join us as we journey homeward.

Pastor Lawrence La-Follette