Sunday 9:30;10:45;6:00. Wednesday 7:00 Corner of M-50 and Carson Highway, Tecumseh, Michigan

City Church



I’ve found a church home! Church home–this is a term we sometimes use lightly to depict the gathering place we attend on Sunday mornings, but I can say with all sincerity I have found a church Home.

I moved to Adrian, MI in 2005 from Raleigh, North Carolina where I loved my church family who totaled seventeen! I thought Id never find another small, cozy church where I truly felt I belonged and where everyone knows everyone on a first-name basis, but I am so happy to say I have found that place. More accurately, I believe I was guided to that place.

Grace Bible Church is a Bible-centered church with an impassioned pastor and dedicated Believers who immediately welcomed me into their family. I feel Christs love there (Where two or three gather in My name, there I am with them. Mt 18:20) as GBC is a small church with a BIG heart. Each Sunday I am hugged and prayed for; I have received unexpected cards, phone calls and church-wide prayers for needs specific to me and to my family.

This morning, one of the worshipers prayed at the close of the service. Something he said really struck me: “Thank You for a pastor who loves us.” This is so meaningful and true. I am grateful to God for a pastor who loves us and a church to call Home. CKV ************************************************************************************


How did you find Grace Bible Church?

We had been looking for a specific type of church: many are named Grace Bible Church. So we did an internet search for the name, checked your website and decided to come visit.

Your first impression?

Quaint: traditional: well kept: not a performance based church.

We were looking for a Biblically based church. One that respects the holiness of God and that reflects that holiness in all that it does. We were not looking for a church that puts on a Sunday show or performance.

Thoughts on the ministry since you’ve been attending for a while.

We feel that the Pastor and his wife are truly seeking to know God and to lead others to know Him also. We feel that they desire themselves and the people to grow continually in their walks with God.

There is a genuine friendliness from the people. We love that there is love for others that is genuine and caring.

We love that there is true love for country and there is prayer for our leaders.

We enjoy that the music is traditional and God focused through the use of hymns.

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