Sunday 9:30;10:45;6:00. Wednesday 7:00 Corner of M-50 and Carson Highway, Tecumseh, Michigan

City Church

Adult Bible Class


Understanding and Living by the Holy Spirit

“Who is the Holy Spirit, what is He like, and why is He hanging out inside every believer?

These questions are critical for all believers. The Holy Spirit is the most important person in their lives. Yet most believers don’t know a lot about Him.

This study helps you understand the basics of the Holy Spirit and how His ministries coincide with your life. The truth presented in this course will confirm that greater is the Spirit Who is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

So what are you waiting for? Pay attention to the Spirit in you. He makes your potential to make a lasting mark on this world almost unbelievable. Pray that you might know and live by the power of the Holy Spirit as you get to know Him better through this study of God’s Word.”

From Pneumotology by Regular Baptist Press